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Lift Weights Faster 2 Review

liftweightsfaster2Lift Weights Faster 2 is an e-book marketed by Jen Sinkler. She is a well known health and fitness editor, writer and personal trainer with more than 10-years of experience in the industry. Jen was a member of the US National Women’s Rugby team for many years. Jen Sinkler was also a United States Olympic Weightlifting coach for some time. She holds numerous certificates in weight training such as kettlebell and crossfit. All these qualifications and experience of Jen led her to develop one of the most effective weight training programs of all time – Lift Weights Faster 2. This article provides a comprehensive review of Lift Weights Faster 2.
The program comes with more than 130 conditioning workouts, which contains 225 different exercises. Jen’s clients come from all walks of life. This is why she has added such a variety of workouts in the program. The program is highly customizable to match the needs of anyone who purchases the program. The core of the program is in making use of highly effective weight training workouts to lose weight fast. All these workouts are scientifically proven to boost your chances of losing weight fast and effectively. The program comes in vivid details with how-to-do descriptions, photos and videos demonstrating the exact way to perform the workouts. The product comes with so many other bonuses that are important for anyone who plans to lose weight fast. You will receive the below mentioned items when you purchase the Lift Weights Faster 2.
. The Lift Weights Faster Manual, which is downloadable as step-by-step guide. It contains five to thirty-minute workouts that are full gym workouts and body weights.

. The Conditioning Workout Library that contains information about the equipment your need to complete the program.

. An Exercise Glossary that contains a collection of high definition pictures that illustrate 225-exercises.

. An Exercise Video Library that helps you walk through extensive workout regimens.

. A Challenge Tracker that helps track your results and progress. This tool will help keep you motivated at all times.

. A One Year Free Membership to Adaptifier.com, where you can analyze your problem areas and get assistance from the experts.

. Special Bonus – This is another important part of the program. Jen has arranged for Diane Sanfilippo (New York Times’s Best Selling Author) to write a detailed nutrition guide for you. You can learn about the right eating habits to match the workout regime you have chosen. This nutrition guide offers access to top-rated meal plans, recipes, menus and shopping lists.
If you decide to purchase the e-book, you should be able to follow through for at least three months with the program for best results. The majority of members who joined the program has been able to build muscle and lose weight in the shortest possible time.
The advantages are:

The program guarantees results in a short time, easy to follow workouts, 60-day money back guarantee, quick download once the payment is sent and the program can be performed at the comfort of your home or office.
The Disadvantage is:

You need to buy an additional set of equipment to perform some of the exercises in the program. A dumbbell and a kettlebell is recommended at first.