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Who Exactly Is Jen Sinkler


If you keep up with the fitness community lately, you will see a large amount of buzz around one woman. This woman is Jen Sinkler. While you may have heard her name, there is a good chance you know very little about her. Instead, you likely know that she played rugby, is in great shape, and is motivating people around the world.

Sinkler is a 36 year old woman with an impressive sporting past. She played for both sevens and fifteens on the American women’s national rugby team. In the ten years she was active as a player she also participated on different regional teams.

She started as a fly-half and quickly worker her way up to captain on several different teams. She earned herself MVP honors, was regularly a top scorer, and was a force to be reckoned with upon the field. Scoring particularly well in the years 2002-2004, she appeared in a number of publications including the New York Times.

After retiring in 2006, Sinkler went on to become an editor at a major fitness publication. From 2003 until now she has been features in many different publications for her advice, routines, and goals in the fitness industry. In 2013 this got her listed as one of the top experts to follow on twitter.

In the present, Jen Sinkler writes for both major publications and her own website. She covers a large variety of topics, all related to health on this website. From the paleo movement to crossfit, she is truly knowledgeable of the entire fitness industry.

Jen_sinkler_4Beside her websites, Sinklers latest project is an ebook series about weight lifting. This series focuses on general fitness rather than weight loss. Promotion of athleticism is one of the many pursuits that she feels are undervalued in the current fitness community. Within her books, she attempts to promote general athleticism.

Jen also finds herself offering coaching certifications through several different programs. These programs are all used in training her personal clients. These clients also train through a special bio-feedback process that is designed to maximize their results. Some of these clients are even Olympic weightlifters.

There continues to be great interest into both her personal fitness and her training methods. There is rarely a period of six months that goes by without Jen appearing in a publication or being added to a list of trainers.

250x250LWF2-1With an attitude that fitness is the goal rather than the journey, her methods focus on each individual. This attention to each person has made her one of the most sought after trainers in the USA. Still, she keeps to small groups that she can easily give the best possible experience.
To answer the earlier question, Jen Sinkler is fitness at its best. She is a consummate athlete and has been throughout her entire life. With a dedication to ensuring fitness is accessible to everyone, she has revolutionized so many different fitness industries. A recognized leader in the fitness community, she is helping grow and shape the fitness community.